Hello, welcome toChina Autonomous Driving Testing Technology Innovation Conference 2020!

China Autonomous Driving Testing Technology Innovation Conference 2019

Conference Day One

The 27th June. 2019 Thursday

08:00 Coffee Break & Registration

09:00 Chairman Welcoming Speech

09:10  The China government´s Regulations of Connected Vehicle and Automated Driving 

Testing Demonstration Project Progress

09:40 Testing and Verification of ADAS and AD in a Model-based Environment: including the Verification and Validation (V&V)  of next generation automotive software systems and machine learning components etc.

10:10 Developing Trends in Sensor Architecture and the Challenges of Methodology for Measurement data management

 in the Domain Controller Environment

10:40 Social Networking & Coffee Break

11:10 Indispensable Part of Autonomous Vehicle: Road Traffic Safety Facilities

11:40 Panel Discussion: What is the safety reference for validation? and how such testing alone would be enough to ensure adequate safety? How to satisfy the needed mileage for Automated Driving? And what is a proper baseline as to the amount of testing needed for simulation?

12:10 Social Networking & Luncheon

13:30 Address the Challenges and Potential Solutions for Ensuring Rigorous Validation of Computer Vision Algorithms for Automotive Applications

14:00 Understand Safety of The Intended Functionality (SOTIF) and Application of SOTIF for ADAS

14:30 AI in the DRIVER’S SEAT

15:00 Application Practices of Autonomous Driving Testing and Evaluation and V2X

15:30 Social Networking & Coffee Break
 Visteon in ADAS & Autonomous Driving: Test Approaches & Acceptance

16:30 Discuss Possible Approach and Challeng in Exploring the Large Parameter Spaces in the Search for Hidden Faults and Critical Situations

17:00 Effective Edge Case Testing for Autonomous Vehicle Validation

17:30 How to Generate the Highest-fidelity Data Streams in a Variety of Controlled Scenarios to Maximise Test Coverage

18:00 End of Conference Day One

Conference Day Two

The 28th June. 2019 Friday

08:00 Coffee Break & Registration

09:00 Chairman Recap Day One Content

09:10 The Development of China Autonomous Driving and Testing Requirement

09:40 Autonomous Driving Millimeter Wave Radar Obstacle RCS Calibration

10:10 Development of Intended Operational Design Domains (ODDs) for Efficient Testing of AD Safety Requirements

10:40 Social Networking & Coffee Break

11:10 AI and Safety of Self-Driving Vehicles; Validation, Testing, and Verification of AI-Enabled Self-Driving Cars; Approaches, Methodologies, and Tools for Safety Assurance

11:40 Singapore's Regulatory Framework for Autonomous Vehicle 

12:00 Social Networking & Luncheon

13:00 Case studies From the Application of the ENABLE-S3 V&V Architecture, CARISSMA

13:30 Discuss Human Factors in Testing and Valida- tion of ADAS Functions Including Driver in the loop (DIL) Simulation, VIL Testing and Safety of DIL

14:00 Updated Development of CAERI’s  Autonomous Driving Testing and Evaluation System 

14:30 A Comprehensive Approach for Testing Different Levels, including the Physical Layer, the Protocols and the Algorithmic Functionality of the Applications.

15:00 Automotive IntelliSense Test

15:30 Social Networking & Coffee Break

16:00 Efficient Verification of Autonomous Vehicles to Ensure Regulatory Compliance

16:30 How to Test and Validate Deep-learning-based Algorithms for Autonomous Driving

18:00  End of the Conference

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