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Release Date:2018-06-21


自动化网(深圳)(http://www.ca800.com/)科技有限公司是国家高新技术企业,公司打造、运营的CA800(中国自动化网)网络服务平台,基于“开放 共享 共建 共赢”创新理念,提供自动化行业产业链互联网+服务,专心于互联网+制造,为中国制造业转型服务。



Automation network (http://www.28robot.com/) marketing services (shenzhen) co., LTD. Is a national high and new technology enterprise, the company build, operate CA800 (China automation network) network service platform, based on the "open sharing and win-win" concept of innovation, to provide Internet + service automation industry industry chain, to concentrate on Internet + manufacturing, service for China's manufacturing industry transformation. In the mobile Internet penetration in various application fields, industries, CA800 (China automation network) network service platform based on cloud model, to implement the PC + mobile convergence of services, through a open and self-service, intelligence, custom mobile Internet services, help enterprise members to achieve mobile service users, precise digital marketing.

Companies focus on China's automation industry chain, information, and marketing.

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