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Speaker: Long Chen, Director, High Tech Dep. Intelligent Connected Vehicle Testing R&D Center, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute 

Bio: Chen Long entered the Department of Vehicle Engineering of Jilin University in September 2008 and began his undergraduate study. In July 2012, he obtained a bachelor's degree and was awarded the first place in the same period. He was sent to Tsinghua University for direct qualification. He was trained by Professor Li Keqiang and obtained in July 2017. Ph.D. in vehicle engineering, research direction is intelligent vehicle dynamics control and test evaluation technology.

During the school, he won the outstanding graduates of Jilin Province, the outstanding graduates of Beijing, the outstanding doctoral thesis of Tsinghua University, the outstanding doctoral thesis nomination of China Automotive Engineering Society, and many national scholarships. Published 27 academic papers, including 23 SCI/EI searches; applied for more than 30 invention patents; participated in the compilation and publication of 4 monographs: "Smart Vehicle Manual", "Advanced Electric Vehicle State Estimation and Identification", "Multi-source data based" "Evaluation of the effectiveness of the intelligent driving system for vehicles" and "White Paper on Autopilot Testing Scenarios". Academic part-time MSSP, VSD, China Highway Journal and other domestic and foreign industry top journal reviewers.

He has participated in the National 973 Project “Research on Key Basic Issues of High-Performance Distributed Drive Electric Vehicles” and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Dynamic Optimization and Fault Tolerant Control Method for Distributed Electric Vehicle Multi-Wire Control Execution System”. National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Dynamic Modeling and Instability Risk Identification of Human-Car-Road Closed-Loop System under Extreme Conditions”, Key Laboratory Open Fund “Target Detection Technology and Behavior Model Based on Multi-source Heterogeneous Data” The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology project “Basic Data Service and Basic Map Service Platform Construction”, Chongqing Science and Technology Commission Project “Building and Application of Automated Driving Test Scene Library Based on China Natural Driving Data”, and “ICC Scene Library Architecture of China Auto Zhilian Project”.

After graduation, he entered the postdoctoral mobile station of Tsinghua University and was selected as a postdoctoral support program at Tsinghua University. At the same time, he entered the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute as a visiting scholar of the State Key Laboratory, and concurrently served as the head of the forward-looking technical department of the intelligent network testing and research and development center of the company. From the beginning, it was composed of more than 30 technicians and a world-class company. Automated driving test scenario library development team. As an expert in ISO TC204 intelligent car group and ISO TC22 scene library standard group, and support the formulation of China Smart Car Index.

Leading organizations have established "i-VISTA intelligence" in collaboration with a number of domestic and foreign OEMs (Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Dongfeng, Wuling, Jianghuai) and research institutes (Tsinghua, Jida, Tongji, Software Evaluation Center, Michigan, Leeds University). The International Joint Research Center for Network Testing and Evaluation of the Network has served as the deputy secretary-general of the center to promote the industrial application of scene-based automatic driving test evaluation technology. With the center, six car-enterprise horizontal cooperation projects were signed, and automated processing tools from data collection to simulation test cases were developed. A typical Chinese driving scene library was established, and cooperation with internationally renowned software and hardware vendors PreScan and VTD was formed. The productization of data has achieved sales revenue of more than 10 million in 2019. In 2019, based on the series of scene library products, it integrated the excellent HiL suppliers (NI, Konrad, VTD) at home and abroad to form a complete supply of automatic driving test equipment.

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