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ADTV 2021

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• Test model to be optimized: to ensure the reliability, speed, safety, standard and repeatability of the comprehensive test method

• How to ensure the comprehensive coverage of the test content; how to improve the existing test methods to suit the complex test needs

• Explore common technologies for ADAS electromagnetic safety research and development verification

• Smart car perception function test

• How to conduct a comprehensive test of autonomous driving technology? How are the various testing phases connected? How to achieve the integration of virtual testing and real vehicle testing? How to define the test boundary of each stage?

• Can road tests prove the safety of self-driving cars? How good is the autopilot test good enough?

• Dark matter issues during the autopilot test

• C-V2X test system; 5G 3GPP protocol future test requirements

• How to combine V model and data-driven closed loop to achieve safety verification

• On the Assessment of Precautious and Careful Driving

• The latest development of simulation test and evaluation methods for autonomous vehicles

• How to establish and improve the scene library; how to establish the test scene library and evaluation specifications?

• Combine a variety of verification methods to effectively complete the verification and evaluation of intelligent networked vehicles

• How to make breakthroughs in the field of testing to achieve L3 and L4 autonomous driving?

• How to set the scene and parameter space according to the design operating range

• Discuss how to train, test or validate machine learning algorithms

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