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Efficient Verification of Autonomous Vehicles to Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Release Date:2018-03-12

Title: Efficient Verification of Autonomous Vehicles to Ensure Regulatory Compliance


Autonomous vehicles are expected to have a profound effect on future transport systems as well as creating huge economic advantages. However, there are major issues to overcome to ensure they are reliable, safe and secure. Traditional approaches to verification will not scale and the speaker is involved in a number of projects developing and deploying new verification approaches.

The “CAPRI” project brings together an experienced consortium of partners from industry, academia and local authorities, working together to deliver a complete end to end autonomous POD mobility service. The consortium aims to collate sufficient evidence from the deployment trials and simulation testing to support PODs becoming a recognised vehicle classification for use on public roads.

The “RoboPilot” project will bring autonomous racing technology to the light commercial vehicle market and demonstrate SAE level 4 autonomy. The aim is to accelerate the ‘safety’ components of the project, working with partners on the verification and validation of the complex cyber physical systems involved in autonomous vehicle deployment.

This presentation will discuss efficiently verifying the safety and security of the next generation of autonomous vehicles that meets regulatory compliance requirements for both the on and off road environment deployment .


Mike Bartley, CEO, Test and Verification Solutions


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