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Examining How Simulation Can Influence the Development of Self-driving Solutions in a Safe and Economic Way

Release Date:2018-04-04

Advanced simulation technology has several uses in the development of self-driving technology. When designed and implemented properly virtual testing not only accelerates development but serves as a vital safety barrier before real world testing. While a simulator cannot replace real world testing completely the structured creation and recreation of real-world situations allows development teams to concentrate tests on meaningful kilometers, instead of often boring real world tests. To enable self-driving technology that is ready to scale for global use AImotive has developed aiSim, a photorealistic simulator for self-driving development.

The presentation from Mr. Tamás Csizmadia, the Head of Safety and Compliance of Almotive  will introduce the key points of simulated testing and how it can be used to validate solutions to make self-driving cars a reality faster, more efficiently and safely.


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