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Combine Sensor Fusion HIL with Measurement-based Tests to Meet the Test Challenges for Autonomous Driving

Release Date:2018-04-23

As Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functionality increase in design complexity to edge us closer towards autonomous driving (AD) capabilities, their test routines have evolved from simple to complex test protocols in order to verify functional performance of the sensors themselves AND the ADAS use case. The combined use of scenario-based Sensor Fusion HIL testing methodology and relevant measurements can effectively verify functional performance of the ADAS sensors in their application use case environment for Autonomous Driving capability. In this session,

Mr. Ram Mirwani, Director of Business, Development ADAS from Konrad will share a synopsis of the evolving requirements for ADAS and AD test and how combining Sensor Fusion HIL with measurement-based test can raise the quality of test for Autonomous driving capability while lowering the overall cost of test.

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