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Release Date:2018-05-19

The Maker Web <www.im2maker.com> ,founded in 2015, is a vertical technology media focusing on original content, high-end activities and the channels of the whole industry.

The Maker Web covers the emerging fields of innovative hard technology, providing valuable reports and services, and connecting entrepreneurs of hard technology and different channel resources. In a word, our mission is to help hard technology realize industrialization.

Since its establishment, the Maker Web has held more than 20 industry summits in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen ,Xian and other places. Its series of activities like "the Salon of Sharing Wisdom” and “the Debate of Knowledge" have become the industry's high profile brand of the iconic field for elite gathering.


Intelligent Transportation Network advocates the service concept of “professional value creation and responsibility for value creation”. It has a keen insight into the industry, builds network media with powerful technologies, meets customers with professional services, and is committed to the perfect combination of transportation industry and network technology. In order to create competitive advantages for customers. For intelligent transportation product manufacturers, product agents, system integrators, end-users, etc. to provide a comprehensive and accurate intelligent transportation products, technology, market and other information for the intelligent transportation companies to provide a systematic, "e-" market services. Diversified and efficient to help companies effectively obtain user needs in order to serve users more quickly, help companies reduce market promotion costs, shape the corporate social image and improve the market position of the enterprise.

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