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Release Date:2018-05-19

The EEFOCUS Media, established in July 2006, believes in the concept of website building featuring "hosting by experts, co-construction by netizens, and setting up of the media" and has established six independent websites with different orientations, clear themes, and different division of labor. , comprehensively covering the professional information chain from "design principles", "device selection" to "system circuit"; at the same time, Non-network has helped the local technical elites to build more than 20 engineers who are highly welcomed by the resources of the international mainstream semiconductor companies. The subdivided theme technology community regularly organizes online activities such as online lectures, new product trials, board assessments, data sharing, and design competitions. With rich original content, perfect learning materials, experienced technical elite team, and open concept of “sharing and win-win”, today’s non-network media has gathered 2 million professional registered users, with an average of 6 million PV views per month. , deeply loved and trusted by local electronics engineers.

zhiding.cn is a new media and information service platform for new technologies and new business models. It is committed to documenting and promoting digital innovation, especially the combination of business scenarios and technology, and focusing on the financial, manufacturing, commerce, energy and transportation logistics industries. Digital transformation of social services such as education, medical services, etc. At the same time, TopZone, as an organization that owns international copyright resources, tracks and reports on new advances and new applications of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, and AI.

As the only information service organization in the industry that is positioned to record and promote digital innovation, ZDNet serves the decision makers and practitioners of CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, developers, and other digital technology, providing industry intelligence, technical knowledge, and selection solutions. At the same time, Zhiding.com also aggregates industrial resources and builds a multi-agency bridge between institutions, manufacturers, and corporate users, providing related vendors and corporate users with one-stop integrated solutions such as content marketing, consultation and planning, and conference operations.

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