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Release Date:2018-05-21

Docin.com is committed to creating a global Chinese-language social reading platform and providing users with all valuable readable content. Docin.com currently has a wide range of practical documents, numerous publications, industry research reports, and thousands of professional documents contributed by industry celebrities. The total number of readings exceeds 400 million, and it is a globally-oriented Chinese document library.

Huishangbao (www.huishangbao.com) is China's leading one-stop e-commerce service platform with domestic trade and marketing as its core service. It focuses on providing leading one-stop e-commerce solutions and professional services for domestic SMEs.

        Chenhui is committed to helping more Chinese companies break through the shackles of the traditional marketing model and step into the new one-stop e-commerce marketing model for the entire Internet, allowing more Chinese companies to go global through the morning glory.

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