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Test Evaluation and Inspection Certification of Intelligent Connected Vehicle

Release Date:2018-05-24

On March 23, Tianjin China,  The " China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. (CATRC), launched a test for automatic driving (L1 to L2) . SAIC Motor Passenger Car Company's MG 6 Super Sports Internet version of the model is used as an examinee to simulate six scenarios in a real traffic environment on the test road to test the ability of **Smart Assist Driving (L1-L2 Class Autopilot) . It is reported that this is the first China's active safety test that publicly simulates real traffic conditions.

Mr. Kuiyuan Guo, the Director of the Intelligent Vehicles Research Institute of the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, said that in this test, the vehicle under test was controlled by an autopilot robot system to avoid human factors interference; in addition, the test assisted vehicle in this test, ** Adopted globally imported GST trolleys (navigable soft target trolleys) imported from Europe that can accurately simulate changes in different angles and speeds. In the end, the 6-model high scores of the MG6 participated in the test passed six tests and scored a perfect score in the C-NCAP assessment standards. Mr. Guo said that the smart car industry has been promoted to a national strategic height, and a highly commercialized driver assistance system (ADAS) has become the core competitiveness of new cars. In order to allow Chinese smart cars to solve practical road traffic problems, China National Automobile Research Institute has added new tests for active safety in the 2015 version of the C-NCAP (China New Car Evaluation Regulations) standard, which includes vehicles to avoid rear-end collisions and collisions with pedestrians. The real scenes and test scenarios are all from the China Traffic Accident Database.

Mr. Guo said that China's new car evaluation procedures compared with overseas, according to national conditions increased the common violations of pedestrians, other vehicles, in order to improve the ability of intelligent assisted driving system to deal with real road conditions. China Railway Research is preparing to "replicate the Uber accident scene" for research. Mr. Guo introduced that the Uber incident is difficult to evaluate due to the lack of information. However, from the public information, this is a (challenging) "limit" scenario for the autopilot system. At present, the center is preparing to simulate the corresponding scenarios in order to establish a variety of sensor fusion system solutions. Only by doing more tests can the autopilot system be prototyped out of the prototype.

In the upcoming“China Autonomous Driving Testing Technology Innovation Conference 2018” Mr. Guo will explain to you in detail of the “Test Evaluation and Inspection Certification of Intelligent Connected Vehicle”

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