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Release Date:2018-06-21

www.chebrake.com is the official website which authorized by the Brake Committee under China Association of Automobile Manufactures(CAAM), emphasis on the latest information, advanced technology, repair and maintenance knowledge, and market trend in auto brake and relevant industry, focusing on offering one-stop platform for technicians, sales staffs and managements working in the filed of auto brake.

Since Online in June 2007, www.chebrake.com is getting more attentions and fancy from insiders in auto industry following increasing information added, and keeps considerable click-through rate and re-browsing rate.

 www.chebrake.com holds the purpose of “Simply, Practical and Creating Value”, picks up information basing on the principle of “vacancy is better than incompetence”, so readers may save huge time on searching useful information, and ease work becomes possible.


机器之心 (https://www.jiqizhixin.com/)Synced创立于 2014 年,是国内首家系统性关注人工智能的科技媒体。

创办至今,始终坚持提供专业的、客观严肃的高质量学术及产业内容,向人工智能从业者及爱好者输出真正有价值的信息和知识,借助优质内容的力量来正确引导甚至影响人工智能行业的发展。也正因如此,机器之心得到了国内外众多技术专家、科技公司高管和人工智能从业者的高度认可,并迅速发展成为国内人工智能信息服务领域*资深与活跃的机构。目前机器之心在各平台拥有共计 50 万高质量用户,微信端日均 PV 5 万,日活跃用户 6 万人。


2015年9月机器之心获得数百万元的天使轮投资,2017年2月获Pre-A 轮融资,投资方包括联想之星、今日头条、源码资本、讯飞产业投资和晨兴资本等。

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