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Visteon in ADAS & Autonomous Driving: Test Approaches & Acceptance

Release Date:2019-05-28

Advanced driver assistance systems are automated systems, which increase safety andimprove the driving experience. ADAS being more complex and with its functionalscope, the number of use cases, required for testing, have increasedsignificantly and the focus has moved towards analyzing and synthesizingenormous amount of test scenarios with reasonable efforts. ADAS/AD Validationconsists of preparation of test strategy, collection of use cases derived fromthe requirements (Functional and non-functional) that the system needs to fulfill. The space of possible scenarios is spanned by manydimensions: the road geometry, the behavior of the driver and of other trafficparticipants, weather conditions, vehicle characteristics and vehicle variants,spontaneous component faults, the timing of the events and others. While roadtesting may ensure the durability of the system, it may not include testing offeature behavior against dynamic scenarios, as it is difficult to create them. Itis therefore widely believed that real test drives must be extensivelycomplemented by virtual test drives. In contrast to vehicle test, virtual test domains arecharacterized by the deployment of models to simulate functions or componentsof the vehicle which are not yet available. The presentation also covers the criteria for accepting a Level 3 feature and the follow up on full V cycle deployment.

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