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Waymo resumes testing self-driving trucks in Arizona

Release Date:2019-05-30

Waymo -- Alphabet's autonomous vehicle company -- announced that it would resume testing its trucks on Phoenix freeways. The company had pulled its Class 8 trucks off the road back in 2017, after some brief tests in the state. Tests of the self-driving trucks will commence in Phoenix this week, a Waymo spokesman told Engadget over email. Each truck will be operated by two "trained" drivers, with the eventual goal being to move towards a completely driverless model.

Self-driving trucks are only a small part of Waymo's broader goals for its autonomous vehicles. The company said it is aiming to test a variety of applications for its self-driving technology, including ride-hailing, trucking logistics, public transportation, and licensing. Waymo earlier this month announced it was partnering with Lyft, offering riders in the Phoenix area the option to hail a self-driving car.

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