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China Autonomous Driving Road Testing Innovation Development

Release Date:2019-06-25

Chinese authorities on last Friday granted five self-driving companies with 49 licenses to allow road tests for autonomous vehicles (AV) in Changsha, the capital of central Chinese Hunan province. Baidu secured 45 of the licenses, bringing its total number of licenses for road testing to more than 100, over half of the 183 licenses total granted nationwide. Two trucks from Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler and self-driving truck startup Inceptio were also grated licenses. 

The Chinese government is accelerating initiatives supporting AV testing on its roads. Changsha’s move comes just a day after Guangzhou issued a total of 24 permits to a list of star AV companies including WeRide, Pony.ai, and AutoX. The cities are also the first in China to allow companies to apply for passenger transport using driverless vehicles. As part of the AV push, Changsha authorities started construction to equip 135 kilometers (around 84 miles) of roads with wireless communication capabilities, which will lay the foundation for Baidu’s large-scale testing of autonomous vehicles in the city later this year, the company said on Friday in an announcement sent to TechNode.

In the upcoming the 2nd Annual China Autonomous Driving Testing Innovation Technology Conference" to be held on the 27th - 28th June. 2019 , you will be given a keynote speech by Prof. Xia He, the Professor of Engineering, Deputy Chief Engineer of Policy and Economics of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China (MIIT) . talking about the topic of "Promoting China Autonomous Driivng Road Testing Innovative Development" , helping you to understand the development of China autonomous driving policies, standard and regulations; the development of autonomous driivng in China different cities; promoting V2X and developing ecosystem. 

In addition, Mr. Baofeng Tong, the Director of Testing and Validaion Dep. from Shanghai Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Center, will share his practical exploration and thinkings on autonomous driivng closed testing zone, including the introduction of Shanghai open road testing, helping you to understand the road opend, license issued, 3plate, 2 large supports; Thinkings toward closed testing zone system, including Top-level design, scene-based testing system, Shanghai IoV testing regulations introduction; Introduction of closed testing zone real practices sharing, inlcluding practice cases,  refinement of important points ; and developing trends of closed testing zone, in the view of 
Multi-vehicle collaboration, evaluation method, differentiation

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