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Making testing less testing

Release Date:2020-04-20

Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) has launched its next-generation RT3000; promising test departments a leap forward in their ability to handle the rise in test volumes and complexity. It follows requests from customers, who, like many test engineers, are faced with the ever-present challenge of finding quicker and less expensive ways of validating vehicle performance.

With a growing range of ADAS sensors being fitted to vehicles, validating performance to global NCAP and NHTSA standards has seen test teams performing a wider range of procedures, requiring more and more equipment. It’s unsurprising that this additional equipment comes with cost implications; in purchasing, maintenance and in increased time-to-test.

As the adoption of ADAS and other complex technologies shows no sign of levelling off, it’s clear that OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and automotive testing bodies needed a way to streamline their test processes wherever possible, without compromising the integrity of the data. The RT3000 v3 allows them to do just that.

The new solution offers precise position, orientation and dynamics measurement. It makes validating developments to global standards simpler and more cost-effective. Key to this advance are three integrations that cut down the amount of necessary equipment and reduce set up times: Wi-Fi; NTRIP; and, most notably, the RT-Range Hunter processing engine.

Gone are the days of having to purchase, maintain and install a standalone product for relative position measurement – multitarget ADAS testing is now a single-box solution. By integrating the RT-Range Hunter processing engine into the RT3000 v3, there is no longer a need for test technicians to spend valuable time installing and configuring multiple systems.

This is just one of many new benefits built into the RT3000 v3, which is a high-performance GNSS/INS with GPS+GLONASS capability; available in both single and dual-antenna forms. It uses a fully integrated high-grade MEMS IMU and RTK-capable GNSS receiver to deliver robust and repeatable outputs in real time and with low latency, time and time again.

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