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Overview of 3M China


Founded in 1902, 3M is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. As an innovative corporation, 3M has developed a wide range of technologies and products that improve our daily lives. Total 70,000 high-quality products over the course of 100-plus years, 3M’s products range from household to healthcare, from transportation, construction to business, education, electronics and telecommunication, and so on.


Registered in China in November 1984, 3M China was the wholly foreign-invested enterprise early established outside the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. To date, 3M has established 9 manufacturing facilities, 27 branch offices, 4 technical centers and 2 R&D centers, with more than 8,200 employees.


As one of the first foreign-invested enterprises registered in China, 3M China has achieved rapid growth over the past 30 years, in tune with the rhythm of China’s economic development. Holding “In China, For China” as its core strategy, 3M has greater involvement in the development of Chinese economy by leveraging its diversified technologies and multiple solutions. From infrastructure construction to manufacturing, from “Made in China” to “Created by China”, from export-driven growth to boosting domestic demand, 3M rides on the tide of China’s economic development by keeping in step with and helping drive forward the Chinese economy, making it one of the most successfully localized companies in China.


3M China is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies and products that meet local customers’ needs. It also focuses on fostering local innovative talents. 3M China now has nearly 600 R&D employees, which have contributed to around 1,000 patents and plays a significant role in 3M’s R&D network.


3M China actively participated in the social responsibility events including environment protection, poverty alleviation and volunteer activities. 3M’s continuous efforts to the society have been widely recognized, proved by an extensive list of accolades. It also got selected for and ranked top on the "Fortune 500 Companies’ Contributions List in China" for several times.

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