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Kang Wei   


Company: NNE                                                                                 


Position: Senior Specialist


Education:M.Sc. of Engineering


Languages: English, Chinese                                                   






l         Dedicated to Biologics & Pharmaceutical projects more than 22 years. This includes extensive project experience as senior process specialist, project manager, front-end study leader, process lead.

l         His focus is process engineering in front-end project activities such as feasibility studies, conceptual and basic designs. He has a strong ability to capture customer strategy, requirements and transform these inputs to a well-defined process and facility design scope. Recent projects include mAb production, ADC production, vaccine facilities and in general next generation and multi-product facilities.

l         Registered Consulting Engineer and Registered Chemical Engineer.







l         Front-End Engineering & Strategic Planning.

l         Biotechnology Facility Design.

l         Single-use & Hybrid technology implementation.

l         Risk based approaches and Quality by Design.

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