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Personal profile

Wu Youling, female, Han nationality, born in April 1951, the national "thousands of people plan" entrepreneurial talent, founder of Zhejiang Treui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Personal experience

In 1991 graduated from the United States Rutgers - New Jersey State University chemistry, received a doctorate. Specializes in the production of biological medicine and technological innovation. He has served as the head of several departments of internationally renowned biomedical companies such as Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, Seattle Gene and Squibb and Principals, leading the team to complete the monoclonal antibody Biopharmaceuticals from preclinical studies - clinical Ι, Ⅱ, Ⅲ research - until the commercialization of the listing of the whole process of work. Dr. Wu Youling as an expert in drug efficacy evaluation and production quality management, its technical innovation in quality control methods in the production of biopharmaceuticals has improved the quality standard and testing system of the products. At the same time, it is well versed in US and EU drug administration regulations and US FDA and European EMA have a good interactive relationship, with a wealth of drug declaration into the clinical and listing experience. In 2010, in the Huzhou Development Zone registered in Zhejiang Treui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. research direction

Committed to the development and production of the international market for difficult diseases (anti-cancer and autoimmune diseases) of bio-innovative drugs, similar drugs or follow-up drugs (mainly to breast-feeding culture, focusing on monoclonal antibody drug research and development) , Is a set of research and development, pilot enlargement and commercial production as one of the large bio-pharmaceutical companies.

company profile

Zhejiang Treui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture registered in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The company is committed to the development and production of bio-innovative drugs, similar drugs or follow-up drugs (mainly breast-feeding, anti-cancer and autoimmune diseases) for the international market, focusing on monoclonal antibody research and development ), Is a set of research and development, pilot amplification and commercial production as one of the large bio-pharmaceutical companies, aims to establish a world-class, in line with gmp and cgmp dual standard biopharmaceutical production base to break the domestic production facilities without cgmp Status, to fill the gaps in China's similar drug market.

Companies from abroad to introduce a group of the world's top management and technical experts, the core team members from Johnson & Johnson, Squibb, Anjin, bayer and genentech and other world-renowned enterprises, have more than 20 years of experience, from drug research and development to clinical Research and then to the commercialization of the listing of the rich experience. There are also members of the United States Cornell University for a lifetime professor, in the industry has a high reputation. The team has been Huzhou City as an important scientific and technological innovation team. Team leader is the 2011 Zhejiang Province, "thousands of people plan" selected, and was named "South Taihu elite plan" leader. With their experience and advanced technology from abroad will promote enterprises in the shortest possible time to a world-class level. The company is very focused on the "political research" closely, and constantly expand with well-known universities (US Cornell Medical College, Sichuan University), research and development institutions (Chinese Academy of Sciences), various academic groups (casss, ibc / asia) and The relationship between the world's leading enterprises, the ongoing exchange of information and technology, but also to carry out substantive cooperation. In addition, the company also attaches great importance to friendly relations with various government departments, since its inception has been the local government's strong support.

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