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Dr. Liu Xun, Department of chemistry, Peking University organic professional, 1987 Rutgers University (Rutgers University) scholarship, 1993 received a Ph.D. in biochemistry at Rutgers University, the same year was a postdoctoral fellowship, under the tutelage of Nobel laureate Gobind Khorana professor at MIT, engaged in the study of membrane protein structure and function, the completion of the postdoctoral research three a half years. There are many academic papers published in influential journals abroad. Dr. Liu Xun has 20 years of biopharmaceutical research, clinical and industrial production experience, a lot of studies involving drug development and process optimization in the pharmaceutical field, including preclinical research and development until commercial production. Before he joined Hengrui medicine, National Institute of Health (NIH) vaccine research center for vaccine production technology development director. Responsible for the development of macromolecular drugs and clinical drug production, during the period to lead and complete the clinical declaration of multiple biological drugs, was awarded the Institute lifelong researcher. In addition the National Institutes of Health (NIH) before the vaccine research center, Dr. Liu Xun served as chief engineer of Bayer (Bayer) medical drug companies, is also the best selling Bayer macromolecular drugs (Kogenate FS) commercial production expert. In the early stage of his occupation career, he served in the United States Amgen (Amgen) company, is committed to bio pharmaceutical preparations and drug delivery device development and optimization, and clinical stage three production technology transfer. Amgen has listed drugs (Prolia, Xgeva) phase three clinical and commercial production development and make contribution.

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