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Dr.-Ing. Hans-Peter Schöner

Dr. Schöner has just retired from his development position at Daimler AG in Sindelfingen.

Until March 2018 he was Senior Manager
 "Testing Concepts and Test Site" (RD/ASK)
in Daimler‘s R&D Center
"Assistance Systems, Active Safety and Testing". In this andformer positions, he has been responsible for development and supply of methods for testing and validation for future chassis and assistance systems, including autonomous driving functions. This included methods to provide reproducible testing situations on proving grounds with automatically driven coordinated vehicles, simulation methods and proving facilities for function development and testing, and operation of the Driving Simulation Center of Daimler AG.

Dr. Schöner played a key role in defining the ongoing German government-funded research project PEGASUS, which has the goal to define „How good is good enough? And how can we prove this?“ with respect to the driving task of AV, http://www.pegasus-projekt.info/en/home.

Dr. Schöner (born 1956 in Düsseldorf) studied Electrical Engineering at RWTH in Aachen (Germany) and holds also a degree „Master of Engineering“ of Purdue University (Indiana, USA). He received his doctorate degree in 1988 based on a thesis on methods for „Monitoring and Charge Control of Batteries in Electric Vehicles“ from RWTH Aachen.

From 1989
to 2004 (from 1991 on as senior manager) he worked in the field of „Actuators and Mechatronics“ as well as new automotive power supply systems at Daimler Research in Frankfurt. Since 2004 he has been heading the development of testing methods for chassis and assistance systems as well as setting up test vehicles in Sindelfingen; from 2012 through 2017 he also was head of the Driving Simulation Center of Daimler AG.

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