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Mr. Kuiyuan Guo

Director Intelligent Connected Vehicle Office

Automotive Testing and Research Institute

CATARC Automotive Test Center (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

National Passenger Car Quality Supervision and Inspection Center


2004-2011 Master Degree, Department of Vehicle Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics • •

Professional Experience: 

2011-present China Automotive Technology and Research Center Automotive Testing Institute 

2015 Kettering University IEP Management Training

Intelligent Automated Vehicles National Standards Sub-Committee Autonomous Vehicle Working Group / ADAS Working Group / Information Security Working Group Member 

Participated in the research and formulation of more than 10 national standards such as AEB, LKA, BSD, etc. He has more than 100 models of active safety system real vehicle testing experience, won three invention patents, and won one of the China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Awards (third prize) .

The head of the active safety project of the C-NCAP evaluation department undertook the C-NCAP active safety evaluation procedure research tasks for 2012, 2015, and 2018. The test and pre-research projects include AEB, AEB-VRU, ESC, etc. 

He undertook research projects such as "Test and Evaluation Technology of Intelligent Network Alliance Automotive Standard System and Key Functional System", "Study on Evaluation and Management System of Automated Driving Vehicle", and participated in the "Guideline for the Construction of the National Vehicle Network Industry Standard System (Intelligent Networked Vehicle)". "Intelligent network of cars using public road test management" and other preparation

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