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Speaker: Dr. Jie Bai, President, Suzhou Millimeter Wave Technology Co., Ltd.

Bio: Dr. Jie Bai, President of Suzhou Millimeter Wave Technology Co., Ltd. In 2010, Dr. Bai was selected as the fifth group of experts appointed by the national plan of 1000 people. He has been working as a professor at Tongji University since 2014. He has been the chief person in the National 13th Five-Year Special Project “R&D and Industrialization of Electric Vehicles Intelligent Assisted Driving Technology” since 2016; and he has participated as a research leader in the other major national 13th-year special project of“Key Fundamental Issues Study of Intelligent Electric Vehicle’perception, decision and control". He is mainly engaged in the research and teaching of automotive environment awareness and information fusion technology, high-resolution automotive millimeter-wave radar technology, radar camera integration, and intelligent automotive technology applications etc. Dr. Bai is also the chairman of the Intelligent Driving Professional Branch of the China Artificial Intelligence Society, and the Secretary General of the Intelligent Transportation Branch of the China Automotive Engineering Society.

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