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Speaker: Zhao Shuai,Director of Intelligent Network Data Department, China Automotive Research Center Data Company

Bio: Zhao Shuai,Director of Intelligent Network Data Department of China Automotive Data Co., Ltd. Expert in international coordination of automobile standards and regulations, support expert of ISO Autonomous Driving Test Scenario Working Group, member of C-ASAM Steering Committee Management Committee, member of Intelligent Driving Subcommittee of Society of Artificial Intelligence. Mainly engaged in smart car driving scene data research and simulation technology research. In 2019, the China Automobile Center and the German Automation and Measurement System Standards Association (ASAM) will be promoted to jointly form the C-ASAM organization to undertake the formulation and revision of ASAM standards, and to carry out the localized application of international standards for autonomous driving simulation and simulation such as OpenScenario in China.

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