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Dr. Nanjie Liu: Science and Technology Diener, founder, chairman / CEO: Strategy served as Minister of Huawei, Huawei's chief product strategic planning expert, Asia Pacific CTO, Minister for Global BD department, the company Blues chief of staff and other staff.

Dr. Liu is the first communication army doctor training, it is the first generation of our military field command automation system, the first generation of national data network and the satellite network development backbone. 86 years after returning from Germany, the Ministry of Science and General Staff Communication Department leaders and a number of national research projects winners. Dr. Liu is the first Chinese head of NGN project, Huawei founder entire IP system.

National Institute of Communications, Dr. Liu Nanjie or a senior member of the national information network committee members, the Ministry of Telecommunications Economic Committee members, the National Development and Reform Commission Distinguished Fellow, Mayor of Shenzhen Science and Technology Advisory, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications Research Institute of Things / professors, and so on.

Dr. Liu Nanjie 2004 to participate in the national car computing platform project, the domestic car networking entrepreneurship and innovation leader. Dr. Liu created the IOV end of the tube cloud architecture, its leadership Diener technology is the most innovative and promising Chinese car enterprise networking fields.

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