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Xiao-Hui Lv

律商联讯风险信息公司 中国市场总监

LexisNexis company marketing director Chinese risk information

精励联讯(北京)信息技术有限公司 副总经理

Jingli lianxun (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager


Mr. Lv Xiaohui, Bachelor of Harvard University, doctor of Nanjing University. Has 10 years of experience in the insurance industry, as well as 5 years of experience in vehicle networking product design and data analysis.

吕博士2006年加盟美国律商联讯风险信息公司(LexisNexis Risk Solutions)。从2012年开始担任律商联讯中国市场总监,专注于拓展中国保险市场。2015年促成律商联讯和精友国际集团合资成立精励联讯(北京)信息技术有限公司,并兼任合资公司分管产品和技术的副总经理。

Dr Lu in 2006 to join the United States LexisNexis company (LexisNexis Risk Solutions risk information). From the beginning of 2012 LexisNexis Chinese served as director of marketing, focusing on the development of insurance market Chinese. 2015 to LexisNexis and Genia International Group joint venture lianxun Jingli (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd., deputy general manager of the joint venture company and concurrently in charge of products and technology.


Dr Lu is the insurance industry data and analysis of product experts, has led the development of LexisNexis consumer inquiry activity, the policy of price competitiveness, auto insurance underwriting data pre filled, premium payment history sharing platform and a series of successful products based on big data technology. Has been in charge of the insurance business analysis of the U.S. market, and for a number of top U.S. insurers to provide pricing policy advice.

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